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Algeciras Strait of Gibraltar SL (ASG Shipping) and Gibport Services Gibraltar Ltd is a Young, Dynamic, Experienced family run business established in 2005, in constant growth.

Being an independent Shipping agency in the area our first target and our core business is to provide full, efficient, first class agency services to our customers.

At ASG Shipping we are able to service our clients’ vessels at any of the three ports where we operate under our own offices in Gibraltar, Algeciras and Ceuta.

Our team is composed of specialised professionals and personnel with vast experience which we think is our most important and valuable asset.

Each port has certain characteristics which make them unique and versatile, no matter which port you choose ASG Shipping is there ready for you. This is probably the greatest advantage of our offer.

As a leading agent in the region we have adapted to the principal needs of offering all the possible requirements within a specified time frame.

“ Your Partners in the Strait of Gibraltar for cost efficient ship Agency Services “