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4 abril 2016

Heavy Load Vessel «OSPREY» unloads the offshore Support Vessel «SEAJACKS SCYLLA» at Algeciras

Unloading was to take place in the North of Spain. Due to the extremely bad weather there, operations had to be cancelled in the North of Spain. Finally both parties «MV OSPREY» and «MV SEAJACKS SCYLLA» decided to carry out operations at Algeciras Bay due to the conditions that the bay offers for this type of Operations. In less than 3 days all meetings with the Port Authorities, Pilot Station, Harbour Master’s Office, Vessel’s representatives, Tugs and ASG SHIPPING  were arranged. ASG SHIPPING arranged all permits and coordinated all the activities and the operations were carried out swiftly. Later the «MV SEAJACKS SCYLLA» was towed from Algeciras to Gibraltar. ASG SHIPPING and GIBPORT Services arranged all permits and also held meetings with the Authorities from both Countries to carry out the operation without any delay.